What for

Climate mitigation and adaptation demand collaboration and efforts by all groups of actors. KNOWING addresses people from all disciplines, professions and walks of life to join this global endeavour and provides the knowledge, tools and support to change perspectives and developments. As main results, KNOWING aims to provide

  • An Impact Interaction Knowledge Base comprising causal relations of climate and intervention im-pacts, rebound effects, coping strategies, etc. to inform the scientific community, professionals, and international platforms like Climate-ADAPT or the IPCC Working Groups I, II & III
  • An Impact Interaction Model Framework consisting of a system dynamics model, climate and sector models for integrated assessment of impacts (direct and indirect) of climate change and countermeasures for modellers and researchers from all sectors affected by climate impacts
  • A Typology of transferable Climate Mitigation Pathways including optimised bundles of adaptation and mitigation measures regarding different typical Climate Impact Contexts (heat waves, soil fertility, flooding) for urban, regional and national authorities to plan and swiftly implement adaptation and mitigation pathways
  • A range of Climate Activation and Empowerment Services addressing different target groups (citizens, businesses, authorities) to enhance climate literacy, provide advice and playful trainings, and to support and accelerate decision making
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