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Contact Person

Jörg Hofstätter



About Our Organisation

ovos offers playful training tools, serious games and web solutions – from idea, to design, to implementation. This means that we:

  • develop web software and products that are simple, intelligent, playful and
  • tell stories that engage people by writing text and using images, illustrations, animations, videos and audio.
  • implement games, e-learning and training that convey knowledge in a playful
  • design online experiences that are aesthetic, inspiring and most of all helpful for users – for web, virtual reality as well as augmented reality.

Our Role in KNOWING

In the digital age, learning has been raised to a new level: playful learning motivates and engages target audiences while communicating crucial information.

We will develop knowledge communication tools and the multilingual KNOWING app for different target groups which will be interactive and intuitive in order to disseminate knowledge.

Playful training for specific stakeholder groups will serve various purposes:

  • explaining complex correlations
  • raising awareness for the topic
  • increasing the users’ climate literacy and engagement
  • establishing new alliances for climate actions
  • encouraging different target groups to make informed and responsible decisions about climate change


Meaningful content provided by our partners will be transferred into stories that engage users and make lasting impressions which can lead, generally speaking, to a more sustainable way of living. Hereby, we use in-depth knowledge and experiences of the related project COM’n’PLAY-Science to develop the KNOWING app, through which children can learn more about science. The target audience will be able to comprehend the complex nature of intercorrelations of climate impacts and falsify myths about climate change and biased knowledge through interactive and engaging ways, e.g. through quiz mode.

Why KNOWING Matters to Us

We are thrilled to play a role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and research in regards to taking action to fight climate change and increase awareness that the clock is ticking …