KNOWING Kick-off

KNOWING Kick-off

In June 2022, the research project KNOWING starts its four-year journey towards the development of actionable Climate Mitigation Pathways.

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AIT, 1210 Vienna

With the Kick-off Meeting at the site of the coordinator AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, representatives of the 20 consortium partners came together in Vienna to start the Research and Innovation Action project KNOWING.

In the EU-funded project, Climate Mitigation Pathways are identified for regions affected by climate change in order to coordinate actions. To date, such a comprehensive approach in the form of cross-sectoral action plans is lacking. As a result, when selecting measures for single sectors, for example only for land use, the effects on other areas, rebound effects or interactions are not taken account of.

With KNOWING knowledge and understanding of interactions, complementarities and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation measures will be extended to support local authorities in the development of regional programs. Based on existing scientific knowledge and a newly developed modelling framework that integrates sectors affected by climate impacts such as heat waves, floodings and changing soil fertility, KNOWING develops broadly applicable Climate Mitigation Pathways along optimized combinations of interventions in these sectors (e.g. energy, mobility, land use, construction, agriculture).