Core Principles

Core Principles

The climate system and the human impact

The climate system provides the conditions for all living beings to thrive. Our actions during the last centuries though are increasingly disrupting the delicate balance of the climate system, threatening the survival of both humans and countless species.

The causes and effects are well understood, and solutions are ready. It just needs to be done.

Mitigate and Adapt

Human activities have caused changes in our climate. We must stop engaging in those activities and adjust to the developments that can no longer be avoided. But what if our adaptation efforts continue to fuel climate change? 

A systems perspective is needed to understand what adaptation measures we can “afford” without further harming the climate.

All for one

In a world of constant change, we feel uncertain and overwhelmed. But: We don’t have to be driven by these changes! By joining forces and shaping our future, we can eliminate these uncertainties and determine the direction of change.

Together, let’s create a better world for ourselves and the generations to come.