Climate Impact Context

What is the Climate Impact Context?

The consequences of climate change affect our world in different ways. In KNOWING, we explore how to deal with the challenges posed by specific climate impacts to particular aspects of life in four different contexts.

Each year, we become more aware of the growing impact of climate change. The climate hazards, to which we are already slowly becoming painfully accustomed, include above all harvest failures and damages due to droughts and wildfires, power outages and disruptions of transport links following storms and floodings, and the increasing risk for health and wellbeing especially for vulnerable citizen during persistent urban heat waves.

While we need to stop carbon emissions as fast as possible to prevent far more severe consequences, we also have to find ways to adapt to the changes that are already happening. For this reason, the work in KNOWING puts particular focus on the Climate Impact Contexts (CICs) Soil Fertility and Agriculture, Flooding and Infrastructure (coastal and riverside), and Heat and Health.

In order to understand how different measures and solutions can work together and succeed in the transformation to an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable environment, we examine these Climate Impact Contexts on a regional level.

CIC regions

KNOWING develops climate mitigation and adaptation pathways for four types of regions, each facing specific climate impacts. This approach allows for easy transfer of the pathways to all regions of the same type.