How to both mitigate AND adapt

We need both climate #mitigation and #adaption to ensure a liveable future for us and our descendants. But which measures we choose and how and when we combine them is not without risk. Interacting measures Measures set in one sector can have negative consequences in another – such consequences can even multiply in self-reinforcing feedback […]

The climate changes – we need to adapt!

There is general agreement that the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events is increasing due to anthropogenic climate change – supported by observations over the past years and predicted for the future. Even the set target of 1.5°C global warming means locally extreme conditions such as prolonged heat waves or more severe precipitation events. […]

Mitigation of Climate Change – a liveable future

Measures to reduce our CO2 footprint have been discussed vehemently under the umbrella of climate protection or mitigation of climate change. Lately however, there is a shift in communication that these measures don’t save the climate, but our future – we have to stop insisting on the status quo. Possible measures for reduction The climate […]

We are at risk

Climate risks have gained widespread attention as more and more people, regions and countries are affected. However, it is not always clear what a climate risk actually is or how it is defined. The IPCC defines a climate risk as the combined effects of a climate hazard, exposition and vulnerability – a clearly defined concept, […]

Climate change impacts – have you noted?

Climate change impacts caused an economic loss of €145 billion in the last decade due to the increased frequency and intensity of extreme events. The most pronounced climate change impacts are due to heat (waves) and extreme precipitation – or lack thereof. The impact of heat on health What individuals perceive as “hot” varies per […]

Why our Climate System is getting out of hand 

The headlines are everywhere – “warmest month“, „driest period“, „extreme precipitation events”. But why are they occurring so often now? Why are all continents affected? And what does it have to do with us humans? To answer these questions, it’s important to better understand the climate system. It consists of different components: the atmosphere (all […]

The climate system and the human impact

What are we talking about? Human-induced climate change is omnipresent – we are permanently confronted with media articles covering climate activism, unusual (local) weather and extreme events that cause infrastructure damages and even fatalities. Still, the magnitude of climate impacts on our lives are barely tangible and only partially affecting Europeans so far. Although changes […]

Heat Waves in Northern Europe 

The last two summers, the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, was hit by long-lasting heat waves. Tallinn, Estonia, faced prolonged heat waves in recent summers due to climate change. Adaptation measures involve improving micro-climate factors through urban planning, expanding green spaces, and supporting vulnerable groups. The KNOWING project aims to mitigate heat wave risks in areas […]