All for one

All for one

In a world of constant change, we feel uncertain and overwhelmed. But: We don’t have to be driven by these changes! By joining forces and shaping our future, we can eliminate these uncertainties and determine the direction of change.

Together, let’s create a better world for ourselves and the generations to come.

Where do we go?

The world is changing, in many ways. It has already started, and the changes will increase. Weather extremes, water scarcity, migration of climate refugees and more seem inevitable. Many of these changes are frightening, especially as they threaten our way of life and the voices warning of them are growing louder. Our hope for a better future seems to be at risk, and many feel increasingly helpless.

Taking back control

It is human to want to hold on to the familiar in times of increasing uncertainty and threat, as it offers security. But this security is deceptive, because the familiar cannot be maintained in a world that is changing so dramatically. And the greater the discrepancy between the familiar and the changing world, the greater the anxiety and fear of losing the familiar.

But security can also be achieved in another way – by deliberately recognising that there must be change and steering that change in a direction that creates a future worth living. By accepting that which cannot be changed and changing what is within one’s power, we become the creators of our own – nearer and more distant – future.

A change on all levels

Many solutions may already be easily implemented today and can directly increase the quality of life significantly. A slower and less stressful pace of life through smaller activity circles and slower travel, better health through a more conscious diet could be realised immediately by many people without much effort. But although the awareness is there, many fail to make long-term behavioural changes due to hanging on to old patterns all too easily or simply not knowing what such a new life could look like. Support and guiding principles are needed in such cases.

Elsewhere, broader structural changes are necessary, like more durable and locally produced products that are affordable, and sufficient local supply even outside large centres. These are equally important to create the necessary framework conditions for people to change their lifestyles and give them the confidence that they are doing the right and better thing for themselves. After all, nothing is more demotivating than wanting to change and not being able to.

There is a better future, but it takes everyone

There is no doubt that change will affect everyone – no one will be spared the consequences of climate change. But change also means opportunity, if we take control of the situation and shape the future. 

This requires everyone to be aware that change is necessary, to know how to move in the right direction, and to have the tools to continue on that path. KNOWING develops the framework for all these areas to empower people of all levels and backgrounds to co-create the future. Making a future worth living for ourselves, our children and all others to come.

The climate system and the human impact

The climate system provides the conditions for all living beings to thrive. Our actions during the last centuries though are increasingly disrupting the delicate balance of the climate system, threatening the survival of both humans and countless species.

The causes and effects are well understood, and solutions are ready. It just needs to be done.

Mitigate and Adapt

Human activities have caused changes in our climate. We must stop engaging in those activities and adjust to the developments that can no longer be avoided. But what if our adaptation efforts continue to fuel climate change? 

A systems perspective is needed to understand what adaptation measures we can “afford” without further harming the climate.